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Файл John Williams - 1978-Superman: The Movie(40th Anniversary Remastered Edition-La-La Land 2019
СВАЛИ John Williams - 1978-Superman: The Movie(40th Anniversary Remastered Edition-La-La Land 2019
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' ## Формат: MP3

## Изпълнител: John Williams

## Заглавие: 1978-Superman: The Movie(40th Anniversary Remastered Edition-La-La Land 2019

## Жанр: Саундтрак

## Листа с Песни: 1 Prelude and Main Title 5:06
2 The Planet Krypton and The Dome Opens 6:39
3 Destruction of Krypton (Extended Version) 7:57
4 The Kryptonquake 2:27
5 The Trip to Earth 2:33
6 The Crash Site :39
7 Growing Up 2:01
8 Jonathan’s Death 3:27
9 Leaving Home 4:52
10 The Fortress of Solitude (Extended Version) 9:22
11 The Mugger 2:11
12 Lex Luthor’s Lair (Extended Version) 4:54
13 The Helicopter Sequence 5:59
14 The Burglar Sequence and Chasing Crooks 3:21
15 Cat Rescue and Air Force One 2:17
16 The Penthouse 1:35
17 The Flying Sequence (Instrumental Version) 8:12
18 Clark Loses His Nerve :51
Disc One Total Time: 74:34

Disc Two
Score Presentation Continued

1 The March of the Villains 3:37
2 The Truck Convoy Sequence 3:27
3 To the Lair 2:21
4 Trajectory Malfunction 1:21
5 Luthor’s Lethal Weapon 2:13
6 Superman Rescued and Chasing Rockets 5:01
7 Golden Gate Bridge and The Rescue of Jimmy 4:57
8 Pushing Boulders and Flying to Lois 5:26
9 Turning Back the World 2:06
10 The Prison Yard and End Title 6:41
11 Love Theme From Superman 5:03
Total Score Time: 1:56:36

Additional Music

12 Prelude and Main Title (Alternate) 3:49
13 The Planet Krypton (Alternate Segment) 3:18
14 The Dome Opens (Alternate) 2:31
15 The Fortress of Solitude (Alternate Segment) 4:12
16 The Mugger (Alternate) 1:29
17 Prelude and Main Title (Film Version) 5:23
18 I Can Fly (Flying Sequence Alternate Segment) 2:15
19 Can You Read My Mind (Film Version) 3:04
20 Trajectory Malfunction (Alternate) 1:04
21 Turning Back the World (Extended Version) 2:20
22 The Prison Yard and End Title (Film Version) 5:48
Total Time: 35:13
Disc Two Total Time: 78:00

Disc Three
Remastered 1978 Original Soundtrack

1 Theme From Superman (Main Title) 4:29
2 The Planet Krypton 4:49
3 Destruction of Krypton 6:03
4 The Trip to Earth 2:28
5 Growing Up 1:56
6 Love Theme From Superman 5:02
7 Leaving Home 4:52
8 The Fortress of Solitude 8:32
9 The Flying Sequence / Can You Read My Mind 8:14
10 Super Rescues 3:27
11 Lex Luthor’s Lair 2:37
12 Superfeats 5:04
13 The March of the Villains 3:37
14 Chasing Rockets 7:37
15 Turning Back the World 2:06
16 End Title 6:36

## Битрейт: 320 kbs

## Информация за изпълнителя: Джон Таунър Уилямс (на английски: John Towner Williams) (роден на 8 февруари 1932 г.) е американски композитор, диригент и пианист.

Той е автор на музиката към филмите от поредиците „Междузвездни войни“, „Индиана Джоунс“, „Джурасик парк“, „Сам вкъщи“ и „Хари Потър“, а също и към „Извънземното“, „Империята на Слънцето“, „Супермен: Филмът“, „Челюсти“, „Списъкът на Шиндлер“, „Амистад“, „Седем години в Тибет“, „Спасяването на редник Райън“, „Мемоарите на една гейша“ и други.

## Друга информация: La-La Land Records, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Warner Music Group and DC Entertainment proudly continue SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE’s 40th anniversary celebration with a 3-CD remastered limited edition re-issue of the original motion picture score to the 1978 feature film classic, starring Marlon Brando, Gene Hackman, Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder, and directed by Richard Donner. Academy Award-winning composer John Williams (STAR WARS, E.T., HARRY POTTER) unleashes an iconic musical masterwork, propelling the Man of Steel through what is still considered by many to be the best superhero film ever made. A recent discovery of the score’s original 2-inch, 24-track music masters has led the way to a stellar, high-resolution transfer by Warner Sound. This first generation element has been restored, remixed, assembled and remastered by album producer Mike Matessino, resulting in a stunning presentation of this legendary score that is unparalleled in its sonic quality. Discs One and Two present maestro Williams’ film score in its glorious, full form, while Disc Two also contains a bounty of alternate/additional cues (including an astonishing early version of “The Fortress of Solitude” that remained vaulted and unplayed for four decades), and Disc Three showcases the original 1978 soundtrack presentation, rebuilt and remastered from these newly restored recording elements. Supervised and approved by composer John Williams, this special 3-CD release is limited to 5000 units and features a 44-page booklet with in-depth liner notes. The heroic art design is by Jim Titus. A must for all film and film music enthusiasts, this outstanding reissue – simply put – is like hearing SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE for the very first time! - LA-LA LAND RECORDS

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