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Файл Prentice Hall Operating Systems Design and Implementation 3rd Edition Jan.2006
СВАЛИ Prentice Hall Operating Systems Design and Implementation 3rd Edition Jan.2006
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Дава представа за изграждането на операционните системи и въпросите свързани с това.
Основни принципи и практики.
/ "The presentation is excellent. The book should be on the desk of any serious student of operating systems." /
Dr. Samuel Kohn, Thomas Edison State College

/ "I would give the authors very high grades for their writing style. Topics are explained in a clear and understandable manner. Presentations are well organized and they flow in logical fashion. The book provides the right depth and breadth of explanations with the appropriate amount of rigor and abstraction." /

Gojko Babic, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Ohio State University.

The definitive, up-to-date introduction to operating systems:
Core principles plus hands-on examples with the new MINIX 3 operating system
The world\'s best-selling introductory operating systems text has been thoroughly updated to reflect the latest advances in OS design and implementation. Offering an optimal balance of theory and practice, Operating Systems: Design and Implementation, Third Edition remains the best resource for anyone seeking a deep understanding of how operating systems work.
This edition includes MINIX 3, more compact, more reliable, better suited for embedded applications -- and, above all, even easier to teach and learn from. Using MINIX, the authors introduce virtually every core concept needed to construct a working OS: system calls, processes, IPC, scheduling, I/O, deadlocks, memory management, threads, file systems, security, and more.
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