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Файл Always On Edge v6.3.0
СВАЛИ Always On Edge v6.3.0
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## Заглавие: Always On Edge v6.3.0

## Официален сайт: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.used.aoe&hl=en

## Какво е нужно за инсталиране: Нищо

## Друга информация: eep the Edges lighting always with down to 0% CPU usage, this is an accessory not just an app it is an app you made. Border light works without receiving a notification. in addition to lighting when a notification comes. THIS IS A REMIX between Edge Lighting & Notifications & AOD & Live Wallpaper & Screen Corners Mask but with a lot more options to control.
Here is its main features:

App Lighting Method:
• Independent (Default)
• Ambient: If system AOD was on then AOE will light in it, instead of a custom screen (lights only without widgets). but if AOD was off the default method will be used.
• This requires the permission to enable AOE as an accessibility service.
• AOE is indeed helpful especially for deaf people to know what notifications they got.
• This also uses less battery.

When it start?
• Manually, only when I want I open the app.
• Edge Lighting Live Wallpaper for home and lock screen
• Automatic, always anytime I lock screen.

Only when a notification comes:
• and screen is off.
• and screen is on.
• always, off or on.
• clock always, edges when a notification comes.
• only when I put device on charge.
• mixed, clock always, edges 10s every minute.
• only when headset plugged listen music.
• always while screen is on
• when someone calls
• when open recent apps menu

Emoji fall animation:
• If screen is on, can light notifications bar too
• You can add toggle in system notification panel to switch between manual run (disable) / or any other you select (enable).
• For notifications you can select each app and its color and lighting time sperated from others apps.
• Whatever run option you choose, you can, at anytime, press volume down key to terminate the app and never run again until the next device lock .
• You can remove AOE icon from notification bar .
• Option to not run if battery level less than..
• Option to not run if charging.
• Option for home button.
• Option to not run app in between a periode like sleep time..
• Pocket mode, close when in pocket or screen faced down, resume when out (more power).
• SmartUnlock, when device on flat surface and I pick it up, close and open screen (more power).
• Clock and widgets rotate on landscape screen,

How it close?
• Swipe up to close.
• Double tap to close.
• Pocket mode.
• SmartUnlock.

More widgets not just edge lighting, with options to:
• invisible music controller by swipe.

Buttons music controller:
• always or only when headset connected.

Display clock:
• clock style.
• clock's Primary Color.
• clock's Secondary Color.
• clock size.
• clock date/seconds/language.
• clock face circular background.

Display notifications icons:
• number badge.
• clickable notifications icons.
• icon size.
• in a bar background.
• colored icons.

Bordered icons.
• Show battery level.
• Dim app screen, adjust brightness (save more power).

Screen Image background:
• Image from gallery.
• Galaxy Light.
• Galaxy Full.

Enable notch support, not for all devices (but automatic and for any device running android Pie):
• notch height.
• notch width.

Edge lighting animation style:
• crash
• stable (save more power, use 0% CPU) awesome with colors wave!
• follow
• flicker
• worm

Adjust Edge lighting:
• Edges speed.
• Edges thickness.
• Edges color number:
• One color.
• Two.
• Three.
• colors waves (try with stable style!)

Adjust Space between Edges:
• medium
• without space
• narrow
• wide

Adjust Device Screen corners?
• curved corners
• little curved corners
• regular corners
• adjust manually

• Edge lighting can be enabled/disabled.
• widgets changes its position every X minute.

This app works on any device but it is mainly aimed to devices that has AMOLED screens.

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